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We developed the website for Nickajack Farms to provide a clear, simple way to share, promote, and reserve the numerous event and festival offerings available, as well as a streamlined process for selling tickets and products.

  • Manage Events and Ticketing

    The Content Management System (CMS) built into Nickajack Farms’ website allows their administrators to manage ticket reservations while also enabling employees to scan ticket barcodes, check-in guests, and confirm guests’ payments.

  • Total Site Security

    Our websites are protected with the Sucuri Website Security Platform, which continuously monitors, boosts performance, and responds to any potential threats. Easy Content Management with Wordpress CMS.

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  • Responsive Design

    Our team has built this site with a responsive design, ensuring that its design elements and content have the flexibility to adapt to any viewing platform while remaining coherent and visually appealing.

  • E-Commerce

    This website design offers Nickajack customers the ability to purchase products, pay invoices, and reserve ticketed events online.

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  • Easy Content Management with WordPress CMS

    Our developers build custom websites using WordPress CMS, which allows our client's approved administrators to manage, change, and update their content quickly and easily from one content management system.

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  • Firewall Protection

    Our websites utilize a firewall to block unwanted visitors while keeping outward communication secure.

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About Nickajack Farms

Nickajack Farms is located in North Lawrence, OH. They provide hay, pumpkins, and grain crops. Along with farming they host weddings, educational programs, fall festivals, Christmas festivals, and parties. Their main attractions are the fall and Christmas festivals.


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