We focus on more than just show day.

We work with your team to map out all of the ways we can cast the widest net before, during, and after the show to turn prospects into leads.

How We Do It

Strategize → Plan → Plan → Plan → Execute → Succeed.

Boost your presence with a fundraiser that touches people’s hearts and connects you with what matters most to your customers. Weave in press events, VIP receptions, and capture customer testimonials. We know how to stretch your budget to make the greatest impact, and we’ll also train your support staff. No staff? No problem. We’ll go instead and create a memorable experience while collecting essential leads for your business. 

What It Is

  • Genuine Engagement It’s always good when they’re talking about you, but it’s even better when they’re talking with you. We’ll engage both customers and employees throughout the show.

  • Real ROI Results Trade shows are one of the largest marketing investments you can make. So, having someone on your team that understands how to work within a budget, create memorable experiences, and solidify real ROI results for your company is critical. Partnering with Q4 can improve every aspect of this process, from minimizing stress, to maximizing your return on investment.

  • Design Let us help you create a showstopper. Our design team is trained in creating comprehensive designs that flatter, communicate, and leave an impression on both clients and potential clients. Q4 will make sure you have a unique design that fulfills your purpose with character and impact.

  • Virtual/
    In-Person/Hybrid Approach Any good planner knows that tomorrow is unpredictable. That’s why our team can create in-person, virtual, or hybrid booths. No matter the type of event you’re in or the type of booth you choose our team will make sure it’s effective, captivating, and worth your investment.

  • High Energy Q4 is passionate and excited about all of the new ideas and connections we forge. The Creative team will bring experience, knowledge, and commitment to every show. We’re all in!

Event & Trade Show Maintenance Packages

Let our team help you sort out the best approaches and the surest ways to protect your investment beforehand and afterwards—all the while making important customer connections.

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    Pre-Event Planning & Promotions

    Your booth has been built, and your space is reserved. You’re good to go, right?

    Not quite. Preparing for the show involves making contacts with visitors and potential clients. We can help you make those appointments, prepare promotional print ads, create hand-out materials, etc. Our packages include all of the prep work that goes into making your trade show experience positive and profitable. Let’s talk details.

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    Event Follow-Up & Lead Management

    The show is over. Whew! Time to relax as you come off the high of a great show experience. This is where many companies fall short. Now is the time for follow-up so you can turn those leads into sales. We’ll help you get there, and since we’ll be there from the beginning, we will know exactly how to turn the synergy of a trade show into something with lasting benefits.

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