It’s noisy out there. You know you need compelling video and photography to be seen and heard.

Let’s make some noise together and craft the stories that will turn your target audience into valuable customers.

How We Do It


Capture your operation at peak performance and make your workforce shine. Our hard hats and steel-toed boots are well-worn and we understand that safety is the name of the game.

What It Is

  • 4K Filming We shoot in 4K for premier resolution that catches more color and detail for a rich final cut with smooth transitions.

  • Underground Mines We’ve done our time in underground mines so you can trust we know what’s at stake when bringing topsiders below the surface to tell your story.

  • Rock Quarries & Surface Mines Nothing makes us happier than engaging in strong visuals to communicate your story to neighbors, employees, and the general public. Make sure everyone knows that your operation is a welcoming and crucial part of the community.

  • Manufacturing Facilities From raw materials to finished equipment and machinery, let’s capture the complex and intense nature that defines what you do so you can grow.

  • Dealerships & Rental Houses Dealerships and rental houses have to manage complicated relationships. You have important stories to tell about your OEMs and the success you have with end-users.

  • Construction Aggregates, vibration monitoring, and equipment rental and sales are just a few of the segments within the construction industry where we have told stories through video production and photography. What is your story and how can it lead to more business for your company?

  • Agribusiness The ever-changing agribusiness sector is right in our wheelhouse. Heavy equipment, new technology, organic farming, and even Agri-tourism are all areas that can benefit from our years of experience producing corporate videos or cutting-edge films for this critical industry.

  • Training That Works No more reading from book-length PowerPoint presentations. Well-designed video training will educate viewers effectively and efficiently.

Video Maintenance Packages

These packages can incorporate footage from your team as well as footage shot in the field by our team of professional videographers and licensed drone pilots.

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    Ongoing Video Ads

    Challenge: You need digital video ads that grab attention in seconds and generate leads.

    This program provides a monthly subscription to create a new 10-30 second video ad per month. It’s perfect to use with your digital ad placement program and with all social media platforms, keeping your message fresh and engaging. Our team will create an ad campaign, develop the theme, write scripts, edit footage, and create graphics that will bring your message to life. Contact us today for pricing.

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    Attention-Grabbing Videos

    Challenge: Everyone is so busy and you need to get your message out there effectively.

    This program is all about developing videos that capture the attention from even the busiest of people. Because of our creative experts and experience in the field, we understand what is relevant and use this to grab viewers’ attention and produce memorable content.

    We will create a 2-3 minute video to add to your website of anything from testimonials to brand messaging. Each video will be accompanied by a 15-second teaser video you can use to promote on social media. Our team will work with you to create a mission for the video, write script, conduct interviews, choose the right music, edit footage, and create graphics. This scalable monthly subscription can be developed for weekly, monthly and quarterly programs. Contact us today for pricing.

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    Video Library For Your Brand

    Challenge: You have a comprehensive story to tell to position your brand with customers, help align your management, oversee change, and engage your workforce.

    This program is all about being purposeful through education, training, storytelling, culture, and entertainment. We begin developing these programs with a long-term perspective. We have found that any strategy needs to include measurable objectives regarding the message and the audience. Because of our directing and producing experience, the filmwork we create provides powerful branding. Programs usually are designed for a 12-month continuous rollout with a minimum of 4 feature videos, 8 shorter support videos, and 4 teaser videos. Contact us today for pricing.

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