Curry Supply: Promotional Video & Photography

About The Video Project

Where you shoot can make all the difference, and in the case of Curry Supply, we took full advantage of their epic manufacturing facilities (and some great music) to make their water trucks and their brand look impressive. In this case, we created a video that competes with the allure of national truck commercials—at about a quarter of the budget.

  • Sound Design

    Included music and sound effects integral to this project’s overall presentation

    sound icon
  • 2-D Animation

    Applied moving graphics for emphasis and clarity

    2-d Animation icon
  • Photography

    Captured high-quality details and moments intrinsic to the story told in this production

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  • Curry Supply Scorpion truck
  • scorpion truck in the curry supply facility
  • curry supply truck
  • water truck in curry supply warehouse
  • Work truck from curry supply
  • Curry Supply water trucks
  • Welder at work
  • Welder at work in the dark
  • truck with a dump bed
  • curry supply logo on a open bed truck
  • water truck photo outside of the curry supply warehouse

About Curry Supply

Curry Supply, based out of Martinsburg, Pennsylvania, is a major manufacturer of water trucks, dump trucks, cone trucks, and flatbed trucks, just to name a few. Their products are used in a wide variety of capacities including mining/aggregate, municipal, road construction, and dozens of other applications around the world.

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