Complete Hydraulic: Promotional Video & Photography

About The Video Project

Sometimes the best creative work comes from limited resources. We created this video for Complete Hydraulics with only a small amount of video, but plenty of photography. The result is a snappy little video that includes photography, video, some dynamic split-frame editing, and of course, energetic music to provide a nice base for the edit.

  • Promotional Video

  • 2-D Animation

    Applied moving graphics for emphasis and clarity

    2-d Animation icon
  • Photography

    Captured high-quality details and moments intrinsic to the story told in this production

    Photography Icon
  • 3-D Logo Creation

    Employing specialized software to produce a 3-D logo display

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About The Photography Project

We love shooting photography in industrial settings. The combination of a natural high-contrast environment alongside industrial steel makes other colors really stand out, providing for some striking photos and video. Here are some samples, most of which were used on their website and in their promotional video.

  • hydraulic cylinder
  • complete hydraulic employees working
  • Man working on a motor
  • Man working on a hydraulic cylinder
  • Woman testing hydraulic oil
  • photo of complete hydraulic working
  • Man working on a hydraulic cylinder
  • Complete employee working
  • Welding photo from complete hydraulic
  • welding photo from Complete hydraulic
  • Complete Diesel company photo

About Complete Hydraulic Services

Complete Hydraulic Service specializes in hydraulic repairs from all industries, while Complete Diesel is a leading national remanufacturer and distributor of diesel fuel system components.

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