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Building a website suited specifically for MTI’s branding and imagery, offering information and product specifications while being easily navigated by viewers.

  • Virtual Inventory System

    Our team has designed this website to utilize a virtual inventory system, allowing users a simple way to filter through inventories to find products suited for their needs.

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  • Firewall Protection

    Our websites utilize a firewall to block unwanted visitors while keeping outward communication secure.

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  • Responsive Design

    Our team has built this site with a responsive design, ensuring that its design elements and content have the flexibility to adapt to any viewing platform while remaining coherent and visually appealing.

  • Easy Content Management with WordPress CMS

    Our developers build custom websites using WordPress CMS, which allows our clients’ approved administrators to manage, change, and update their content from one content management system.

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  • Total Site Security

    Our websites are protected with the Sucuri Website Security Platform, which continuously monitors, boosts performance, and responds to any potential threats.

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About MTI Equipment

MTI Equipment sells horizontal drilling equipment for the construction and aggregates industries out of their location in North Point, Florida.

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