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  • Apparel

    In these projects, our team combined various Austin features to design custom-made shirts. One shirt consisted of a historic emblem, which our team digitized for this purpose, and both shirts mixed design elements to complement Austin’s branding.

    Austin Powder shirt design
  • Safety Coin

    Austin Powder wanted to provide a tangible way for employees to carry safety with them every day, so our team collaborated with Austin to create this Safety Coin. This coin highlights Austin’s dedication to its safety culture and provides a daily reminder to follow safe practices.

    Austin Powder Safety Coin
  • Austin Powder Print ads
  • Print Calendars

    Our team designed this print calendar in multiple languages, with custom photography, and with safety tips that correspond with the images for each month. This project was a creative way to emphasize Austin’s safety awareness while highlighting company features for customers and employees.

  • Lobby Art (Name Wall)

    Our team created, produced, and installed a custom lobby installation for the Austin Powder offices.

About Austin Powder

Austin Powder manufactures industrial explosives and accessories and provides blasting services to customers in mining, construction, oil and gas, etc.


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