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  • Social Media Management

    Our social media experts work with IPE to create monthly social media content calendars while also managing the posts and page details for all their social media platforms. We start this process by creating a social media strategy outlining who is targeted, why they’re targeted, and how our team will ensure IPE’s content is strong and effective.

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  • Social Media Ads

    Our team utilizes the Facebook platform for IPE, creating Boosted Facebook Posts and Lead Generation Ads to increase their brand awareness while gaining potential leads.

  • Social Media Videos

    By strategizing around IPE’s goals and audiences, we use company visuals to create targeted messaging and calls to action.

  • Analytics

    We collect data from IPE’s website, digital ads, and social media platforms and then translate this information into custom reports for their team. Our Certified Analytics team members utilize and interpret this data to provide recommendations and implement changes across all marketing efforts, growing their target audiences, social media content, website content, and much more.

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  • Content Writing

    Working with the IPE team to write content that fits the character of the company and its offerings while communicating efficiently and authentically.

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About IPE Aggregate

IPE specializes in the sales, rental, and service of heavy equipment across Texas and Northern Mexico. Some of the companies they represent include ESCO, IROCK, Caterpillar, U.S. Conveyor, and many more.


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